Alberta Day

On Monday, July 11, 2022, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced September 1 as ‘Alberta Day’ at the Calgary Stampede event. On September 1, 1905, the Alberta Act came into effect, which formally established the Province of Alberta. The government said that recognizing this day every year would give residents the chance to celebrate all things that are uniquely Albertan.

Premier Jason Kenney also added, “Alberta is exceptional in every way. We are custodians of one of the world’s most beautiful and diverse natural environments.” Alberta Day is a chance to celebrate who we are as Albertans and what we can achieve together. Alberta Day will be a chance for communities across Alberta to come together and celebrate everything that makes this province special.

Alberta Day is not a statutory holiday; that means you won’t get the day off unless your employer is willing to offer a paid leave. There will be events run across the province from September 1-3. The Province will host celebrations for the day in both Edmonton and Calgary and will support municipalities on its Alberta day celebrations.

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