Special Rules for the June 24 Holiday (St. Jean Baptiste Day) in Quebec

St. Jean Baptiste Day

Special Rules for the June 24 Holiday (St. Jean Baptiste Day)

The rules for this holiday apply to almost all workers even if they are not covered by the Act respecting Labour standards.

If June 24 is a Sunday, the holiday is pushed to June 25 (except for workers who usually work on Sunday).

For workers who must work on June 24 and their employers give them a paid replacement holiday, the day must be taken on your usual working day before or after June 24 (and not in the three weeks leading up to or after June 24 as is the case for other public holidays).

Employers who do not give workers a paid replacement holiday must give them an additional compensation. The compensation is equal to 1/20 of the wages earned during the four complete work weeks leading up to the week of June 24. For workers paid in full or in part by commission, the amount is 1/60 of the wages earned during the 12 previous weeks. Tips are included in the calculation but overtime pay is not.


  • For federal employees working in Quebec, their right to the June 24 holiday depends on their union contracts or employment contracts.
  • Self-employed workers do not have the right to this holiday.

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